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West Texas Power wants to help you reach the army goal of 25 Net Zero Installations by 2030. 

The primary goal is a focus toward net zero and when we talk about net zero, it's not only net zero energy, but it's net zero energy, water, and waste. When you look at the term "net zero" or a hierarchy of net zero you must start with reduction, then progress through repurposing, recycling, energy recovery, disposal being the last.
—Ms. Katherine Hammack, DoD Bloggers Roundtable, 10 October 2010

​Today the Army faces significant threats to our energy and water supply requirements both home and abroad. Addressing energy security and sustainability is operationally necessary, financially prudent, and essential to mission accomplishment.

"Today the Army faces significant threats to our energy and water supply requirements both home and abroad."

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West Texas Power provides a variety of energy generation and conservation solutions...
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Fuel Cells
  • Emergency Generators
  • LED Lighting
  • Facility Energy and Water Benchmarking
  • ​Energy Cost Containment


We are coordinating with the Army EITF to identify and implement solar and wind development opportunities. Our objective is to provide the Army with 100% dispatchable renewable power.

The goal is to manage our installations not only on a net zero energy basis, but net zero water and waste as well. We are creating a culture that recognizes the value of sustainability measured not just in terms of financial benefits, but benefits to maintaining mission capability, quality of life, relationships with local communities, and the preservation of options for the Army's future. 

The Army is leveraging available authorities for private sector investment, including using power purchase agreements (PPA), enhanced-use leases (EUL), energy savings performance contracts (ESPC), and utilities energy service contracts (UESCs) as tools to achieve these objectives. 

The Army must invest in its installations and improve efficiencies in energy, water and waste for the benefit of our current and future missions. The army is piloting five installations to be Net Zero Energy, five installations to be Net Zero Waster, five installations to be Net Zero Water, and one that is all three by 2020. The Army goal is to have 25 Net Zero Installations by 2030.