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Every business should have a backup plan to ensure continuity of operations during both short-term and extended power outages.


The loss of electricity caused by accidents or natural disasters can affect everything from the operation of vital computers and cash registers to access to the water supply. These impacts are a consequence of the vulnerability of our electric transmission and distribution system to unplanned disruptions. Everyone experiences the inconvenience of an occasional loss of power, but business owners are particularly at risk.


Even a few hours without electricity may make it impossible to conduct business, may frustrate customers, and may lead to significant revenue losses. Longer term outages may cause serious problems in a variety of additional ways, including: the inability to process transactions, the loss of stored records and inventory, and the inability to monitor or report security risks.


Backup generators can bring security and safety to a business, allowing it to minimize the impact of power outages on their operations. Generators are:


Cost-effective – depending on the application, backup generators typically use diesel fuel, propane, or natural gas for fuel, and operate fewer than 200 hours per year. This reduces fuel and operating costs. The value of the business information and inventory that may be damaged or lost in the event of an outage typically far exceeds the comparative first cost of a properly-selected generator.

Reliable - generators are built to higher standards than automobile engines; they are typically sold with inclusive factory warrantees that may be extended by the purchaser. There are extensive networks with skilled technicians able to provide routine and preventive maintenance and repair service and ensure long life.

Flexible - generators can be designed to serve the requirements of both large and small businesses, providing whole-building or partial backup power, using a variety of fuels. Operation of the generator can be integrated with existing uninterruptible backup battery supply (UPS) systems, to operate as a seamless emergency source of high-quality backup electricity, powering mission-critical computer and data storage equipment, security systems, and other essential functions.

Automatic - When equipped with an automatic transfer switch (ATS), a generator can be in operation within a few seconds of the loss of utility power. The ATS continuously monitors utility power; when an interruption occurs, it automatically starts the generator, and shuts it off once utility electricity is restored.

Safe to Operate - When a generator is connected properly to a building’s electrical distribution system, the internal disconnects and safety switches prevent power surges and spikes and protect the safety of building occupants and equipment, and utility staff. The use of natural gas or propane also eliminates possible spills during periodic refueling.


West Texas Power can assist any business to assess their existing and projected backup power needs, and the optimum corresponding generator fuel type and electrical output. We work with local code officials and building inspectors to ensure proper placement and installation of a generator, and design and installation of its connection to a building’s existing electrical distribution system. Our certified, licensed electricians and installation crews provide full mechanical and electrical installation and maintenance services for projects of any size. 


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