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The WTPC team is aware that operations are critical components of managing solar energy facilities to ensure a project’s long term viability, optimal performance, and maximum energy production. A successful project considers long-term performance from the earliest stages of development.

Our service partners and WTP have significant experience in the monitoring and maintenance of utility-scale renewable energy projects, with a focus on monitoring and maintaining the performance/production of a completed plant.

​WTPC will ensure that our partners coordinate efforts throughout the development process to structure an appropriate O&M plan that will begin during plant construction and come into full effect upon project commissioning and completion.

Based on our team members’ experience, the key elements of the approach that WTPC’s team will apply include the following areas. Additional information is available upon request:

• Quality Assurance and Quality Control
• Project Documentation, Scheduling, and Reporting Procedures
• Project Engineering and Design Development
• Value Engineering and Cost Management
• Planning the Sequence of Installation
• Training and Mobilization for Construction
• Comprehensive Safety Program
• Progress Reporting and Change Order Management
• Supply Chain and Material Management
• Continuous Improvement Strategy

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The “Brain Trust” for our organization (WTPC) has evolved to include 3 professional engineers with extensive wind, solar, water and storage experience; 1 PhD, retired, and 1 active head of University Renewable Energy Departments; the head of West Texas Wind Consortium; and a Col. US Army (retired). 

The WTPC on-the-ground, ready-for-work team has come together as follows: Mark White, general manager; George Arnold, operations manager & technical/engineer director; Col. Jeff Russell, QA-QC/military liaison; Brian Beck, storage & dispatchability; David Herold, on-site project coordinator/plant manager; Lola Squires, accounting/data archive; Sherry Cooper, administrative assistant; and Tim Meador and Mario Moreno, early response, on-site maintenance.


West Texas Power 's impressive and diverse list of personnel and external consultants will provide you with the highest level of virtually all services required while helping to reduce your overhead costs.

Clients can rely on WTPs' principles and key personnel for consultation, design, and implementation of energy construction, management and conservation methods along with equipment requirements for projects. WTP will fill the requirements while minimizing costs through value engineering.



JBJ-WTPC, LLC. is a Service Disabled Veteran owned company with majority ownership held by one of our key Brain Trust members, Jack B. Johnson, PE, who is a service disabled veteran. JBJ-WTPC, LLC. focuses one electrical design, engineering, and equipment procurement in support of military and private sector clients.

TIM-WTPC, LLC. is majority owned by our senior Ranch Manager Tim Meador. Tim is the foreman of our three ranches totaling over 25,000 acres. Tim's background is in Site Preparation: heavy equipment, fencing, earth moving, building and dam construction, rigging and demolition project management.

As with WTPC, both companies are certified in ORCA and SAM, under NAICS codes related to their operations.




ABB is West Texas Power’s teaming partner for the project to construct a 20 MW solar-power project for El Paso Electric, on behalf of the US Army’s Fort Bliss. With extensive experience in the engineering, procurement, and construction of over 1,100 MW of utility-scale photovoltaic projects, ABB’s staff is committed to work as integral members of the WTPC project team, focused on optimizing value for El Paso Electric and the Army. ABB will design and construct a fully-engineered solar power plant to meet all client application requirements, incorporating ABB’s power and automation technologies, including software for monitoring and tracking system performance.


Infigen Energy is WTPC’s teaming partner for the 20 MW El Paso Electric/Fort Bliss solar-power project, as well as for the opportunities to construct wind energy systems that will result from the US Army’s MATOC renewable-energy procurement process. Qualified as a small business under DOD NAICS code 221119, Infigen owns over 1,100 MW of renewable energy projects and operates over 1,500 MW of renewable capacity, including the design, construction, operation and maintenance of both wind and solar projects.

Infigen’s national control center in Dallas, Texas includes NERC-certified operators. Infigen provides permanent financing for its projects, taking an ownership stake while maintaining and operating its facilities.


Electric Power Engineers provides engineering consulting and project-management services focused on the utility industry, and specializing in the interconnection, transmission, distribution and generation aspects of renewable energy projects. As part of the management services that it has evolved over nearly 50 years in the industry, EPE has developed software to improve the efficiency of planning, operating, and maintaining large-scale wind and solar projects. As a member of the project team, EPE will assist WTPC to define the optimum grid-interconnection strategy and apply for all required permits, review key design decisions, and monitor overall project development through design, construction, and commissioning.